Saturday, 20 July 2013

Staines Town vs Wycombe Wanderers

Staines Town vs Wycombe Wanderers

The optimistic Staines side went against League 2 side Wycombe Wanderers at Wheatsheaf Park. The Wycombe side was strong and they were looking for a win, but the Staines side wanted to do their best to prove to prove a point to the Wycombe side. However the Wycombe attacking proved too much for Staines side. Before moving onto the match I would like to give a get well soon to Sam Bates who sustained what looked like a severe neck during this match

The game started off with consistent attacking by the League 2 side with some very close efforts by the Wanderers however the Staines goalkeeper was solid until the 17th minute. Then came a free kick outside the box which was taken short and a shot was taken outside the box. The goalkeeper saved the first shot but then came Josh Scowen who scored the first goal of the game from the rebound. The first goal lead onto more attacking by Wycombe, which soon produced another goal. This goal came about when a midfielder passed a long ball to a winger, the winger crossed the ball into the forward but the forward slipped and missed. But then came another forward behind the slipped player and he took a powerful shot, the goalkeeper got a touch on the ball but was not able to do anything. That was the second goal of the game, scored by Wycombe’s Dean Morgan. The first half drew to a close with the Wanderers dominating and with one hand on a win.

One minute after play restarted the Wanderers had a throw in next to their opposition’s box. The throw was taken quick and 2 passes gave the ball to the Wycombe forward, and he took a straight shot which ambled passed the Staines goalie and gave the Wanderers a three-nil lead. The goal was scored by Jo Kuffour. After this, both teams attacked but neither converted chances into goals. Then a cross came in for Wycombe and the forward tried to finish it off with a bicycle kick, but then Sam Bates came in and tried the best he can to defend it. But the Wycombe player; instead of kicking the ball kicked, Sam’s neck and Sam was left collapsed unconscious on the pitch.

We are very sorry that we have to finish on this sad note, but injuries are some of the disadvantages that come with football.

An FITB report, by Akash Muthiah.

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