Thursday, 25 July 2013

Kingstonian vs Tottenham

Kingstonian vs Tottenham Hotspur

A hopeful 654 people came to Kingsmeadow to come and watch Kingstonian try and beat the young version of the Premier league side Tottenham Hotspur. Although it was a young Spurs side, Kingstonian know that it will be unlikely to win because the younger Spurs players would still have great experience and coaching that the Spurs side is able to provide. Soon the great expertise of the Spurs side was shown when Kingstonian were well beaten by the young Tottenham side.

The game started with a Tottenham attack on the Kingstonian goal which sailed just over the bar. But then a mistake by a Kingstonian midfielder left them on the back foot and the Spurs number 7, Kenny McEvoy, ran through the Kingstonian players and gave a through ball to the Spurs striker, the striker lost control but soon regained control of the ball and he gave in a cross to Kenny McEvoy, who then scored a powerful header into the bottom left hand corner. Later Kingstonian got an indirect freekick outside the box. The freekick was laid off to another player and he had a long shot that was too high for a goal to be scored. Then some great footwork by Kingstonian’s number 3, who then passed it to Kingstonian’s number 15, allowed a cross to go into the box but was cleared out by a Spurs defender. Soon after, Spurs number 3 Jon Obika was all alone as he dribbled into the box with 2 Kingstonian defenders next to him. Thinking that Obika would take a long shot, the Kingstonian goalie stepped forward to try and have a better chance of saving it. Jon did take a long shot but it deflected off a Kingstonian defender which gave the ball extra height and it rose above the goalie’s head and went into the top right hand corner. The score was 2-0 after 20 minutes; things weren’t going well for the Kingstonian side at all.

In the second half, both sides tried to take some chances but in all cases either the goalkeepers saved all of the chances or the shots went over the bar. Then a pass, which went through a Kingstonian defender’s legs, went to a Tottenham striker it was a really tough angle to score but somehow he managed to defeat the goalie and the ball went into the bottom right hand corner. Next both sides had chances, mostly the Kingstonian side had the greater amount of chances but they were stopped by either the Tottenham defenders or the inaccuracy of the shots. Finally Tottenham had one last attack; a Spurs winger ran down the wing and almost put the ball out of play but he did his best and he stopped the ball from going to a goal kick. Behind him came another Spurs player and he took a long shot and scored. The game was over with a 4-0 win for Spurs against Kingstonian. A deserved win for Tottenham Hotspur.

FITB managed to get an interview with Kingstonian manager Alan Dowson. Look at the video of the match to watch the interview.
Report by Akash Muthiah, an FITB report.

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