Friday, 12 July 2013

Chessington and Hook vs Carshalton

Chessington and Hook vs Carshalton

The Pre-Season Friendly between Chessington & Hook and Carshalton took place on Saturday the 6th of July. The game was unusual due to the fact it was played in 30 minute quarters. This made both teams relaxed after each quarter which soon led to some goals. Chessington had a good attack but they were not able to finish the shots whilst Carshalton tried their best to convert every shot they took.

The game started with a Chessington kick off and they soon had the first few shots of the game but the first goal came from Carshalton. A lovely header from one of their forwards away from the touchline enabled their other forward to finish it whilst the goalkeeper hopelessly watched the ball hit the back of the net. Later on both sides tried to add goals, and soon enough Chessington equalised with a great goal outside the box in the second quarter. The goal had some class which had the correct amount of height for the ball to just skim by the goalkeeper’s fingertips and into the top corner.

The game continued equal for the rest of the 2nd and 3rd quarter. The only interesting part of the 3rd quarter was that the referee sent off a Chessington player for dissent, but 5 minutes later he allowed another Chessington player to come on which was very peculiar indeed. For the rest of the quarter both teams had some shots but both goalkeepers were adamant that they didn’t want to concede any more goals.

The 4th quarter was the true game changer, a silly mistake from a Chessington defender soon lead on to a one on one situation with the goalie which was well tucked away. From this moment onwards, Carshalton pressed and pressed looking for more goals, and then came the next one, Carshalton’s classy passing soon led to an easy finish to make the game into 3-1. Finally came a stunner of a goal, a brilliant long ball from a Carshalton defender to a winger which then was converted into a simple pass to the forward which led to an easy finish. The game finished 4-1; Carshalton were rewarded by their consistent attacking with a win against Chessington and Hook.

Report by Akash Muthiah

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