Thursday, 30 May 2013


Penparcau F.C. were the next stop, albeit a brief one. Not too much to say about their ground, it was basically a local park with a small stand and railings. Quite vandalised, it could be easily mistaken for a disused ground

The changing rooms and clubhouse

A shot of the stand

Not much more than a local park with a fence!

The corner of the near side

Looking across the end behind the near goal

'The West Stand'

The east side. Another pitch is behind the first team pitch

The penalty box, with the village in the background

The west side again

Inside the main stand, plenty of graffiti to read!

The main stand again

From inside the stand, looking to the far end goal

The mighty west stand again!

The near end goal, from the main stand

And again, with no zoom

Far end goal

Some 'interesting' graffiti

Home dugout. No roof!

The pitch wasn't in great condition!

The main stand

Away dugout, with a roof! Odd!

The main stand again

Far end goal, at least there was a railing behind it

Main stand with dugouts

The near end goal

The east end

That goal again

Main stand again

Looking across the far end

Main stand again

The first goal

East end

Huge puddle in the far end goalmouth. It was raining a lot though

The east end again

The main stand

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Penrhyncoch F.C.

Penrhyncoch were the next stop. They play in the second tier of Welsh football but tend to get very low attendances compared to other sides, mainly due to the fact that they are such a small village

The first corner

Looking towards the main stand from that corner

The main stand

The far end area, not a lot there

Looking back across the area behind one of the goals
(The goals had been taken down as the season is over)

Corner shot towards the far end

From the near end, looking at the area behind the goal

Inside a dugout, looking towards the far end

Close up of the far end

The dugout, complete with a hole

Towards the area behind the goal again

The other dugout

Wide shot of the far end and the area behind the first goal

The area behind the other goal

And a close up

Inside the small covered area on the near side

And here it is, from the pitch

Looking back on the main stand

The entrance

The main stand and covered area

A close up of the main stand, complete with some locals

Behind one of the goals

From behind the goal, looking towards the first goal.

Looking back across the area behind the second goal

The covered area

The main stand

And again

Looking behind the second goal

The main stand again, with the locals inside it.
Not sure they were meant to be there!

The covered area again

Behind the second goal

And the first goal

Stand again

Covered area again

A close up of the stand

A better close up of the main stand