Thursday, 25 July 2013

Kingstonian vs Dulwich Hamlet

Kingstonian vs Dulwich Hamlet

Following their loss against Tottenham Hotspur; Kingstonian were looking for a win against Dulwich Hamlet in the Geoff Harvey Memorial Vase final. They wanted to win this badly so they believed that consistent attacking would give them a win. In this case that is what happened and Kingstonian won against a less able Dulwich Hamlet side.

The game happened with the first attack turning to be a goal. The Dulwich keeper came outside the box to clear the ball but the Kingstonian player got the ball from the goalie and chipped the ball above the goalie’s head into goal. So the 1st goal was scored by Alex Mclean. After this Dulwich tried hard to equalize but the Kingstonian goalie saved most of their chances. Dulwich tried to attack but the Kingstonian player retained possession and the ball went to the Kingstonian winger. He ran down the wing and passed to Alex Mclean who took a clean first touch and the ball went to the back of the net. Straight afterwards Kingstonian gained a throw-in in the Dulwich’s half. It was a short throw to a nearby player who crossed the ball into the box. Alex Mclean flew in and scored a volley, this was his hattrick which took only 26 minutes to do. From this point onwards both teams wanted to score some goals. Brilliant dribbling and attacking brought chances for both teams but both teams were not able to finish as well as they could do.

During the second half Kingstonian had a chance where a player had a shot but the goalkeeper saved it. The ball was still in play and a Kingstonian striker came and scored the rebound but the goal was disallowed since the player was offside. Then there was a big pile-up as many players came to get the ball, soon the ball fell to a Kingstonian player who had a clear shot at goal, but the Dulwich goalie came forward and saved the ball. But then the saved ball came to Andre McCollin and he shot at an open goal and scored. The score now was 4-0 to Kingstonian. Dulwich had no chance. Later in the second half Dulwich had a throw in, it was taken short and a great cross was put in the box.  The ball fell to Junior James and he scored with a simple finish. This was a great goal to watch. Later more attacking came but no goals were score. The full time whistle was blown the score Kingstonian 4 Dulwich 1. Congratulations Kingstonian- Geoff Harvey Memorial Vase Champions 2013.

Kingstonian vs Tottenham

Kingstonian vs Tottenham Hotspur

A hopeful 654 people came to Kingsmeadow to come and watch Kingstonian try and beat the young version of the Premier league side Tottenham Hotspur. Although it was a young Spurs side, Kingstonian know that it will be unlikely to win because the younger Spurs players would still have great experience and coaching that the Spurs side is able to provide. Soon the great expertise of the Spurs side was shown when Kingstonian were well beaten by the young Tottenham side.

The game started with a Tottenham attack on the Kingstonian goal which sailed just over the bar. But then a mistake by a Kingstonian midfielder left them on the back foot and the Spurs number 7, Kenny McEvoy, ran through the Kingstonian players and gave a through ball to the Spurs striker, the striker lost control but soon regained control of the ball and he gave in a cross to Kenny McEvoy, who then scored a powerful header into the bottom left hand corner. Later Kingstonian got an indirect freekick outside the box. The freekick was laid off to another player and he had a long shot that was too high for a goal to be scored. Then some great footwork by Kingstonian’s number 3, who then passed it to Kingstonian’s number 15, allowed a cross to go into the box but was cleared out by a Spurs defender. Soon after, Spurs number 3 Jon Obika was all alone as he dribbled into the box with 2 Kingstonian defenders next to him. Thinking that Obika would take a long shot, the Kingstonian goalie stepped forward to try and have a better chance of saving it. Jon did take a long shot but it deflected off a Kingstonian defender which gave the ball extra height and it rose above the goalie’s head and went into the top right hand corner. The score was 2-0 after 20 minutes; things weren’t going well for the Kingstonian side at all.

In the second half, both sides tried to take some chances but in all cases either the goalkeepers saved all of the chances or the shots went over the bar. Then a pass, which went through a Kingstonian defender’s legs, went to a Tottenham striker it was a really tough angle to score but somehow he managed to defeat the goalie and the ball went into the bottom right hand corner. Next both sides had chances, mostly the Kingstonian side had the greater amount of chances but they were stopped by either the Tottenham defenders or the inaccuracy of the shots. Finally Tottenham had one last attack; a Spurs winger ran down the wing and almost put the ball out of play but he did his best and he stopped the ball from going to a goal kick. Behind him came another Spurs player and he took a long shot and scored. The game was over with a 4-0 win for Spurs against Kingstonian. A deserved win for Tottenham Hotspur.

FITB managed to get an interview with Kingstonian manager Alan Dowson. Look at the video of the match to watch the interview.
Report by Akash Muthiah, an FITB report.

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Staines Town vs Wycombe Wanderers

Staines Town vs Wycombe Wanderers

The optimistic Staines side went against League 2 side Wycombe Wanderers at Wheatsheaf Park. The Wycombe side was strong and they were looking for a win, but the Staines side wanted to do their best to prove to prove a point to the Wycombe side. However the Wycombe attacking proved too much for Staines side. Before moving onto the match I would like to give a get well soon to Sam Bates who sustained what looked like a severe neck during this match

The game started off with consistent attacking by the League 2 side with some very close efforts by the Wanderers however the Staines goalkeeper was solid until the 17th minute. Then came a free kick outside the box which was taken short and a shot was taken outside the box. The goalkeeper saved the first shot but then came Josh Scowen who scored the first goal of the game from the rebound. The first goal lead onto more attacking by Wycombe, which soon produced another goal. This goal came about when a midfielder passed a long ball to a winger, the winger crossed the ball into the forward but the forward slipped and missed. But then came another forward behind the slipped player and he took a powerful shot, the goalkeeper got a touch on the ball but was not able to do anything. That was the second goal of the game, scored by Wycombe’s Dean Morgan. The first half drew to a close with the Wanderers dominating and with one hand on a win.

One minute after play restarted the Wanderers had a throw in next to their opposition’s box. The throw was taken quick and 2 passes gave the ball to the Wycombe forward, and he took a straight shot which ambled passed the Staines goalie and gave the Wanderers a three-nil lead. The goal was scored by Jo Kuffour. After this, both teams attacked but neither converted chances into goals. Then a cross came in for Wycombe and the forward tried to finish it off with a bicycle kick, but then Sam Bates came in and tried the best he can to defend it. But the Wycombe player; instead of kicking the ball kicked, Sam’s neck and Sam was left collapsed unconscious on the pitch.

We are very sorry that we have to finish on this sad note, but injuries are some of the disadvantages that come with football.

An FITB report, by Akash Muthiah.

Friday, 12 July 2013

Chessington and Hook vs Carshalton

Chessington and Hook vs Carshalton

The Pre-Season Friendly between Chessington & Hook and Carshalton took place on Saturday the 6th of July. The game was unusual due to the fact it was played in 30 minute quarters. This made both teams relaxed after each quarter which soon led to some goals. Chessington had a good attack but they were not able to finish the shots whilst Carshalton tried their best to convert every shot they took.

The game started with a Chessington kick off and they soon had the first few shots of the game but the first goal came from Carshalton. A lovely header from one of their forwards away from the touchline enabled their other forward to finish it whilst the goalkeeper hopelessly watched the ball hit the back of the net. Later on both sides tried to add goals, and soon enough Chessington equalised with a great goal outside the box in the second quarter. The goal had some class which had the correct amount of height for the ball to just skim by the goalkeeper’s fingertips and into the top corner.

The game continued equal for the rest of the 2nd and 3rd quarter. The only interesting part of the 3rd quarter was that the referee sent off a Chessington player for dissent, but 5 minutes later he allowed another Chessington player to come on which was very peculiar indeed. For the rest of the quarter both teams had some shots but both goalkeepers were adamant that they didn’t want to concede any more goals.

The 4th quarter was the true game changer, a silly mistake from a Chessington defender soon lead on to a one on one situation with the goalie which was well tucked away. From this moment onwards, Carshalton pressed and pressed looking for more goals, and then came the next one, Carshalton’s classy passing soon led to an easy finish to make the game into 3-1. Finally came a stunner of a goal, a brilliant long ball from a Carshalton defender to a winger which then was converted into a simple pass to the forward which led to an easy finish. The game finished 4-1; Carshalton were rewarded by their consistent attacking with a win against Chessington and Hook.

Report by Akash Muthiah

Friday, 5 July 2013

Spelthorne Sports vs Hampton and Richmond XI

Spelthorne Sports vs Hampton and Richmond XI

The second game of the season saw Hampton and Richmond send a team of trialists to Spelthorne Sports, whilst their first team held an intensive training session just off the side of the pitch. Spelthorne themselves made 11 subs at half time so there were many opportunities to see a wide variety of players in action. However, perhaps due to the presumed lack of playing time the players had previous to the game, the match never really got going and was a poor spectacle

Spelthorne started on the front foot and thought they had taken the lead after a free-kick was headed in, but the linesman ruled it out for offside. Most of the chances that came after that were half chances that came about after slack passing or other basic mistakes. The Hampton XI did have one great chance, however, after a good ball found a centre-forward. He took it round the keeper but just took it too far and Spelthorne recovered to clear. Not long after this, Hampton hit the crossbar after a thumping header, and the rebound didn’t quite find its way in, unlucky for the Hampton front line. Just before half-time, Spelthorne had a seemingly clear penalty appeal turned away when really it should have been given

The half-time break only lasted around 5 minutes due to the fact that both teams made 11 changes, effectively giving us a completely different game for 45 minutes. Interestingly, the second half Spelthorne side were wearing a different kit to the first half team, something I have never seen before. A comedy of errors in the Spelthorne defence almost gave Hampton the lead but again the striker took the ball too far round the keeper and fired wide. Hampton piled on the pressure in the first 15 minutes of the second half but Spelthorne’s defence held strong and it was the hosts who eventually took the lead after a Hampton defender lost the ball and the Spelthorne forward eventually finished after his original effort was saved. Hampton instantly replied by hitting the post before being awarded a penalty minutes later. This penalty was just about put away despite the keeper getting a strong hand to it. Hampton had one last chance to win but it was put wide and the game finished 1-1

Not the best game ever but it did have its high points. I would just like to finish by suggesting that if you have to buy dinner from a corner shop, do not get a mushroom and chicken slice, they are absolutely disgusting!