Monday, 26 August 2013

Benissa CF - Spanish Groundhop

So the first of the grounds visited by Johnnie whilst on holiday in Spain. There are 2 teams that play at this ground, UD Benissa and Sporting Benissa. UD have played here for over 70 years according to a helpful local, but Sporting have only been in existence for less than 10. One of the sides was on the verge of promotion to the third tier, but ultimately did not go up and now struggle financially, as most sides in Spain now do. The ground itself was similar to most lower league Spanish grounds. There is never anything behind either goal so I wasn't at all surprised to see a lack of terracing there. However, I was delighted to see the main stand was terraced and there were still seats over the far side. Overall a fantastic little ground as far as Spanish non-league is concerned

Potential friendly next season?

The stairs on the way up to the gate

Looking through the gate

Looking towards the near goal

As you arrive in the car park you see this fantastic painted logo.

And the floodlight next to it

Here is a close up of the logo

There is a net behind the goal to stop stray shots flying over. The main stand can be seen in the background

No terracing behind the goal, just hard standing

Quite a lot of space though

Looking across the (3G) pitch towards the main stand

Johnnie with his Sutton scarf

Looking back across the near end

Some seating on the far side, opposite the main stand. Not the highest quality seating ever!

The town hall can be seen in the background, behind the near goal

Looking towards the far goal

A very neat ground with very modern dugouts 

A close up

Johnnie in the far end seating. No cover for if it rains!

From the far corner looking over

And again

Notice the gate for segregation at the end of this area, Benissa used to have big attendances back in the day

Good old chalk scoreboard

The 'turnstile' at the home end

Onto the main stand

And it's terraced! A fantastic place to watch football

The view from the stand, looking towards the far end

Looking over at the far end seating, players' tunnel in the foreground

And looking towards the near end

As you can see, the stand is fantastically terraced

Makes a nice change to seated main stands in England

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