Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Benidorm CF's fantastic old ground

Final ground of the Spanish Groundhop and one of the best I have ever seen. Sadly though, the team that used to play at this stadium went bust a few years ago after the financial crisis took hold. The stadium mercifully is still standing and I assume in used for other events such as concerts, as the stadium is still maintained but the pitch is in a right state. The Benidorm side that played here spent most of their days in the Spanish equivalent of League 1 and were quite a big side. I am not sure if a phoenix club was formed and would love to hear from anybody in the know. It was a strange feeling walking out onto the pitch of this now disused ground just 5 years after it was graced by the likes of Lionel Messi and Andres Iniesta as Barcelona scraped a 1-0 win in the Copa Del Rey. The terrace on the far side is one of the most amazing stands I have ever seen and I couldn't help but imagining what it was like full up. It really is such a shame that there is no longer a team playing at this ground but hopefully in the future football will be played once again at this fantastic stadium
First view as you enter the ground through the back

Looking across the pitch to the near end

The seated stand

Taken from the top of the seated stand

There is another pitch behind the far goal, with a 3G surface

The stand isn't particularly big

Inside the tiny bar

A long walk to the away changing room!

And here we are inside. The home changing room was locked

Looking back across the main stand

Taken from the top of the fantastic terrace

2 step terracing at the near end

As you can see, the pitch is in a real state

...but the ground is still in decent condition

The terrace is bigger than the seated stand

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Standing area behind the goal on the secondary pitch. Love this!

Not many terraces like this left sadly

Zoomed out
Quite a view from the top

Can't see much at the other end though!

The seated end really is dwarved by the marvellous terrace

Looking along the terrace from the yop

Another shot of the goal from the top of the terrace

From the bottom far corner

Corner flag view

A wide shot of the terrace

The goal at one end is still standing

Half of the terrace

The smaller of the two bars

Much smaller than the terracing

Everything in view

The sign as you enter

The gates haven't opened in years

As we exited I took one final picture 

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