Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Borth United F.C.

The second ground Johnnie visited was Borth United, who play quite low down in the Welsh pyramid. They lost the title on the final day of the season to Tregaron. A good ground for their level in a small coastal town.

No turnstiles at the ground, but this badge is quite impressive

Inside the stand

Looking down the near side

One of the goals, nothing behind this one, not even a railing

The dugouts

Inside the stand again

And again

From inside the main stand

The bar/clubhouse

Looking back on the stand

Behind the other goal, there was a railing there

The dugouts at the far end

Looking back at the clubhouse and stand

Looking across, behind one of the goals

Corner shot

The main stand and bar

From behind one of the goals

Wide shot of main stand and the near side

Looking back across the goal with the railing behind

Stand again

The dugouts

Corner shot, looking across the whole ground

The stand

That goal again

Stand again

The other goal, the one with nothing behind it

Without zoom

The 'railing goal' again

Inside the dugout. No benches!

The stand again

'Railing goal'

The part of the ground to the right of the stand

The goal with no railings

Looking back across the far end

Looking across the end with no railings

Stand with a puddle in the foreground

The goal with a caravan site in the background

Right behind the goal, looking towards the dugouts

Looking towards the stand

The whole pitch, from behind the goal

A corner shot from the end with no railings

Looking across the near end

The dugouts and one of the goals

Dugouts again

Final shot of the stand

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