Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Aberystwyth F.C.

Johnnie Lowery of FITB went up to Ceredigion in Wales to visit family, and came back having gone to 5 Welsh grounds. Here is the first one of them, Aberystwyth F.C. Each ground will be posted on a separate blog post. So, Aberystwyth F.C.

I get the feeling this ground would fail its Conference North/South ground grading simply because of the far end bank. Take a look at the many pictures we took and tell us what you think of the ground, in the comments

The turnstile upon entry

The sign welcoming you to the ground

From behind the far end goal, looking over at the large stand
behind the other goal

The grassy bank next to the turnstile

The turnstile again

Looking across towards the gantry

Opposite the gantry, the main stand

Behind the far end goal, nothing much there

The stand next to the gantry, by the corner

Looking from the pitch towards the near end goal

The main stand again

The two stands on the near side can both be seen in this shot

One of the dugouts

The clubhouse sign

Players' tunnel

Another view of the far end goal. Just a grassy bank, not even
terracing there

The seats inside the main stand

Looking over the players' tunnel

Some more seats

And the players' tunnel again

The roof of the stand

A wide shot of the main stand

Sitting towards the back, you'd lose sight of the
ball if it went too high!

The gantry and the corner stand can both be seen, as well
as the grassy bank on the far end

You can't see the goal from the back of the stand!

The close end of the ground

The far end of the ground

The middle bit

Another slightly zoomed shot of the impressive near end

The stairs to the main stand

Looking back into the main stand

And again

The far end bank

Looking up  at the main stand

The gantry

The corner stand

The other dugout

A good shot of the far end bank. As you can see, there is
not even basic terracing there

Looking from the corner to where the goal would be

Gantry again

From behind the goal, looking out

The far end bank again

Near end stand behind the goal

From the far end bank, looking across the whole ground

And looking to the other side

An advert for a local club. An odd thing to see, almost like
Nottingham Forest advertising Nottingham County F.C.

That grassy bank again

Looking across the ground

Main stand

TV in the gantry, sort of!

Stand behind the goal

Main stands again

At the top of the gantry, looking onto the corner stand
Looking to the far end bank, from the gantry

Main Stand, from the gantry

The stand behind the goal, from the gantry

The clubhouse from further back


I don't need to explain this!

Main stand again

Stand behind the goal

From inside the corner stand

The stand behind the goal

Looking across the corner stand

Main stand and the rest of that side

Part of the stand behind the goal

Looking across the area behind the near end goal

Main stand again

Corner stand

And again

Looking out from the stand behind the near goal

Inside the near end stand

Main stand again

The stand behind the near end goal

And again

The gantry

And again

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