Friday, 20 December 2013

Meet the Fox in the Box team

Johnnie Lowery
Founder of Fox in the Box, Johnnie organises everything to do with the company, as well as doing the main camera at most games. Also has some experience as corner cam.  A keen fan of non-league football, Johnnie set up the company to help provide the game with video coverage it deserves. Has been present at all but 2 of the games Fox in the Box Productions have filmed. A loyal Sutton United fan.
Games on Main Cam: 54
Games on Corner Cam: 3.5
Games as Backup: 2

                                              Gabriel Brookes
Founder member of Fox in the Box, Gabriel was originally the main camera man but has more recently been working as a corner cam. His northern roots have helped him film a game in the Northern League for Fox in the Box. Talented with a camera whether it be main or corner cam, Gabriel is a vital part of Fox in the Box and a good utility man to have around. A Newcastle United fan.
Games on Main Cam: 10
Games on Corner Cam: 8.5
Games as Backup: 4

                                              Bradley Cooper
New member to Fox in the Box, joined in November just before the Met Police game FITB were about to film! Bradley has since shown a natural talent for corner cam, with his knack for getting every goal perfectly on camera even if it is scored at the other end of the pitch really standing out. He has really enjoyed his new role since joining Fox in the Box and it would not be a surprise at all to see Bradley going into a career as a cameraman in future. A Chelsea fan.
Games on Main Cam: 0
Games on Corner Cam: 5
Games as Backup: 1

                                              Otto Abram
Has occasionally filled in as a backup cameraman and technical assistant, as well as making a cameo appearance as a corner cam at a Feltham game! Whilst he is not a regular for Fox in the Box due to other commitments, assistance from Otto is always welcomed and his contribution at a game always improves the quality of the highlights. An Arsenal fan.
Games on Main Cam: 0
Games on Corner Cam: 1
Games as Backup: 2

                                               Ex Foxes

Alex Easton

A close friend of Johnnie and Bradley, Alex filled in as a backup for three games but has not returned to Fox in the Box duties on a more permanent basis. We are hopeful of finding a role and a camera for Alex to use to draft him back into the Fox in the Box scene if possible.
Games on Main Cam: 0
Games on Corner Cam: 0
Games as Backup: 3

*0.5 on a game means that the person involved filmed half of the game as that specific camera type

Main camera: The 'bread and butter' of filming. Usually the easiest job but the one with the most pressure involved, the camera is stationed as close to the halfway line under cover from the elements as possible. The main camera shots are used for all highlights

Corner camera: Can be done anywhere towards one goal. Used to gain reverse angle replays of goals and is employed when Fox in the Box have enough people available to do it. Requires a lot of skill but there is little pressure on the person doing it. Corner camera shots are used for replays of goals, penalty incidents and red card incidents only

Backup: Involves the person who is not filming, usually as there is not a camera spare, acting as a technical assistant and speeding up jobs such as setting up the tripod. Backups can take control if, because of an incident, the main cameraman is unable to carry on filming.

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